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How to order jewelry
How to order jewelry

I welcome all customers who were interested in the production of Original Jewelry.

I make hand-drawn designs of jewelry, which I directly produce.

We offer the production of luxury jewelry as well as simple jewelry according to your wishes.

Photo gallery on the website serves as a demonstration of my skill and pricing.

For demanding customers, according to the design of jewelry, natural precious stones are cut to size.

Or you can send your own precious stone that you wish to set in gold.

Jewelry is always handmade, as the Original. 

How to proceed:

Please e-mail your idea of ​​jewelry.



I will process your suggestion, suggestion and prepare a quotation for you. We will send the quotation within 3 days.

The quotation always contains your chosen material, precious stones, production costs including postage and packing.

Upon your written approval of the offer,

We will send you an advance invoice of 50% of the total pre-purchase price for the material purchase

silver or gold.

The precious stones you choose from the offer are paid in advance in full.

After paying the advance invoice, we will confirm your financial transfer.

This is followed by the "binding design of the jewel" in accordance with the Commercial Code.

The date of commencement of production is calculated from the date of receipt of the advance payment, usually within 3 to 4 weeks.

Upon completion of your order, I will send you a photo of your jewelry made to your e-mail.

I will then issue an invoice with a supplementary price for the work to be paid by bank transfer or in person.

After paying the balance invoice,

we will confirm the bank transfer again and send the jewelry by post, courier to your address.

Every customer has the opportunity to check and verify the resulting product. If you prefer personal contact,

it is necessary to arrange a meeting by phone.

It is also possible to pick up the jewelry personally.

All jewelry is made of the legitimate fineness of gold and silver, swelled by the state,

production and purity hallmarks:

hallmarks for 14 and 18 carat gold are hallmarked SR are valid brands within the EU.



The order form will contain the following information:

1.Price of the product, Original.

The type of precious metal with appropriate purity from which the jewel will be made.

Type of precious stones with exact description / certification / color, cut, size, weight.

Weight if the product is already made or an estimate of the estimated weight of the order.

2. Date of completion of the contract.

3. Form of payment of the invoice.

/ According to your requirements ... internet banking, ... by postal order,

respectively. personally /.






In the case of orders from the brought material, i. Broken gold is charged 10% of the total weight of the finished product.

This loss counts for the melting of gold, the processing of the material into a sheet and the wire from which the jewel is subsequently made.

For broken gold, a chemical material test is performed to verify the purity of the metal.

With your consent, orders are legally binding.It is not possible to remelk gold fractions that you want to rework,

return in its original state. If you order a jewel design but you do not order it, I charge 20 € for 3 drawings.

If the customer wants to make changes to the already agreed order or order. CANCEL it, it must do so by

3 business days. If the order is canceled, the customer pays all already incurred costs associated with the order. Changes during

Unfortunately, ongoing production is unacceptable. For example, if a customer orders a 14kt chain. gold,

calls during production that he changed his mind and wants to change the purity to 18 carats, or that he wants to reduce

the weight from 15 g to 10 g,

or change the size of the ring of earrings that are before completion. In that case, as a producer

there is damage that the customer would have to pay. For these reasons, it follows that within 3 working days

after confirming your payment, you will not notify me of the change.