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O nás - About me
About me

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 Vítám všetkých ľudí v galerii mojej tvorby, ručne   navrhnutých a vyrobených šperkov.

Moja práca je môj koníček, aj vášeň.


Zachovávam umelecko remeselnú činnosť, podľa starých zlatnických techník.

 Každý šperk je originál, v poctivom ručnom prevedení, vyrobený pre radosť.

Vyhotovujem návrhy šperkov tiež podľa želania zákazníkov, na mieru.

Šperky sú vyhotovené ručne, v hrubšej sile materiálu, aby vydržali niekolko dlhých rokov.

Som šťastná ak je zákazník spokojný.

Teším sa na spoluprácu .


I welcome all the people in the gallery of my work, handcrafted and made jewelry.

My job is my hobby, even my passion.

I maintain artistic craftsmanship, according to old goldsmithing techniques.

Each piece of jewelery is an original, honest handmade, made for pleasure.

I make jewelry designs also according to customer wishes, made-to-measure.

The jewelry is made by hand, in a coarser material thickness, to last several years.

I look forward to working with people who like to create handmade.




A necklace of pearls, acting pretentiously and is a symbol of wealth,
for the touch of tenderness in men's eyes are fine with the specialty of earings is sufficient.


The small beads in jewelry the person concerned to produce tenderness in all humans as well.


The man operating the perla as an aphrodisiac.
If men see a woman with a decent jewelrywith pearls, they suddenly feel they are more muscular,
will you behave politely, and the State will support.


Rose Quartz


Each of us knows that a bright shade of pink the color number of the little girl
that weprotect it against aggressive people.
Pink color really dampens aggression so much thatthey even paint the walls in the prisons.
Suits are women mainly after the disappointmentin love, call it by your surroundings,
be nice to me  mostly around the us.
Therefore, we do well,
we'll leave if you insert into the heart of the Rose Quartz necklace.



What put the world close the najevu, that we are mature in love?
For women, this is the best symbol of deep pink pastel color, can be even with a touch of red,
all have naturalcoral
 in the naušnicich in the shape of roses look tremendously.




Black Onyx reveals that a man wants something more.
For this reason men wear blackOnyx rings in your stamp.
Black color-if men, becomes a symbol of her sex.
Always ready ...



Ruby, the colors of the pigeon blood, gives a clear symbol of respectability,
status in humans,
which is not to be trifled with.
Wear it leaders and fighters.




Emerald we wear for good and strong health.
For support and cleaning of the flow ofenergy.

 Brings happiness.




The deep blue of the Sapphire penetrates into our mind. It helps us develop spirituality andpractice,
your mind calms us color. It offers a sense of security.
Therefore, we mean this stone under the do good decision.




Diamond has the ability to even support its an electric discharge function of the ovary,
rallying them.
For these properties is to give the man his wife the ring with one diamond,
the guarantee of fertility.